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Welcome to offers you a wide range of information on psychoses or bipolar disorders

anmodertationThe website is intended to give you orientation in a very comprehensive manner – relative to life with psychoses and bipolar disorders, paths to recovery and important help. It is aimed at people with incipient, first-time and repeated affliction with psychosis, as well as at relatives and professionals.

Psychotic states alter the way in which we perceive and process reality. They can primarily influence sensory perceptions and thought – so-called schizophrenic or cognitive psychoses  – or occur in connection with great mood swings – so-called bipolar disorders or affective psychoses. However, many conclusions apply across-the-board. Where necessary, distinctions are made between the disorders.

The website has the following contents and goals:

  • “Understanding” first and foremost involves a general understanding in order to reduce anxieties and promote tolerance.
  • In “Early recognition” you can find information which allows you to recognize psychoses and bipolar disorders early and find help.
  • In “Information” about psychoses or bipolar disorders, information on the respective disorder is communicated.
  • In “Therapy” of psychoses or bipolar disorders, information on psychosocial, psychotherapeutic and drug-treatment therapies is presented and special knowledge for in-hospital treatments is communicated.
  • In “Help for everyday life” you can get to know the system of care and are given some important tips for everyday life and your long-term recovery.
  • “Important information for relatives” involves various perspectives, special information and indications – also for clarifying one’s own situation.
  • The “Interactive therapy portal” is intended to expand on knowledge in a playful manner in 8 different learning units and give orientation when dealing with your own or another’s psychoses.
  • In “Download archive” you can download helpful brochures and materials on the topic.
  • In “Trialog” particularly important topics are illuminated from all three sides: persons afflicted, relatives and professionals have their say.

bildWith the website we would like to strengthen the competence of all persons involved: for persons afflicted, so that you will become experts in your disorder and take part actively, responsibly and on an equal footing in the decision-making; for relatives, so that you can advise better and at the same time pay attention to yourselves and for professionals, so that you can have an open ear to subjective experience and as far as possible collaboration on an equal footing.

bildIn the course of the next few months will be further developed. In the course of this, persons afflicted, relatives and professionals will again work together. You can contribute to the improvement of by notifying us of your opinion. Please send your feedback to

The contents and their conception have been worked out by persons afflicted, relatives and professionals. The website cannot and does not wish to replace therapy; it wishes to pave the way to this and give orientation. Enjoy our website.


AstraZeneca has made available the domain “” and in addition given financial support to the implementation of We thank them for this. The content of was conceived solely by the employees indicated in the website credits under “Persons responsible for the scientific contents”; accordingly, there was no cooperation with AstraZeneca as regards the contents of

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