Importance of the trialogue

"Trialogue" means the direct exchange between persons affected, relatives and professionals on an eye-to-eye level. Through their own experience, experts meet other experts in the course of their further education and in their profession, to help further educate one another and to maintain or to find a common language. Trialogues were developed in the psychosis seminaries which began in Hamburg in 1989 and have already spread great distances and also expanded a great deal with regard to content. Meanwhile, there are trialogue forums also held in other countries and, in the meantime, also on other topics (borderline disorders) and on other levels (in routine psychiatric treatment, in complaint centres, in quality control, etc.). Primarily, however, acting against public prejudices was previously and continues to be easier when it is carried out jointly - through common information - and through projects involving meetings in schools, with organisations, churches and in relationship with cultural projects.

Goals of the section on trialogues

In this sense, the section should be used in order to allow those affected with psychoses and bipolar disorders, as well as different related individuals, to come to word and especially to make some explosive topics more transparent from all three perspectives.

Perspectives of the trialogues

We hope that we will be successful in opening this discourse in 2009 so that, on the one hand, an open forum can begin. On the other hand, however, this should also enable all three groups (those affected, related persons, experts) to formulate direct questions, which will then also be answered directly within a certain period of time.

Important topics regarding trialogues

In order to provide a first impression, some original texts are provided from experts in our workgroup who are active as consultants for this Website.

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